US punished China for Russian weapons


Sanctions against China for the purchase of Su-35 fighters and S-400 air defense systems of the USA have become a warning to other countries interested in acquiring Russian weapons: Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

US punished China

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Department of Equipment Development of the Central Military Commission responsible for procurement of weapons for the Chinese army. The assets of this agency will be blocked, it is forbidden to supply American technologies and products to it, and also to conduct trade in dollars.

An agreement on the delivery of six S-400 divisions to Beijing worth $ 3 billion was signed in 2014. A year later, Russia and the PRC signed a contract for the sale of 24 Su-35 fighters worth $ 2 billion.

Sanctions are applied in accordance with the act "On Countering America's Enemies through Sanctions" (CAATSA). In fact, a precedent is created when sanctions against Russia are being struck against third countries.


First, the US is trying to hit Russia. Back in May, Washington imposed restrictions on Rosoboronexport under the pretext of Moscow's violation of the regime of non-proliferation of weapons against Iran and Syria. Here the goal is very clear: to deprive Russia of one of the most important sources of income, in order to aggravate the economic crisis there and provoke a political one, as well as "pacify" the Russian defense complex that is catching up with the US in the export of arms.

Secondly, it is an attack against China itself, which US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has already called enemy number one for the States. Americans are extremely concerned that China's growing economic power is being transformed into a military advantage. Therefore, the White House decided to supplement duties against almost half of Chinese exports to the United States by a blow to the defense capability of the Celestial Empire.

Third, Washington is trying to damage the strengthening cooperation between China and Russia by secondary sanctions. After the Ukrainian crisis, China became Russia's main trading partner, an active buyer of Russian gas, oil and weapons.

The economic partnership is complemented by the political one within the BRICS and the SCO, countries are gradually moving to trade in national currencies and even conduct joint large-scale military exercises (East-2018). And all this is a threat to the US military and the dictates of the dollar.

And most importantly, the penalty measures against China - a warning against other countries who will have to think twice before buying Russian weapons.